Custom Carpentry and Woodworking at BP Builders and Associates

Custom carpentry and woodworking affords owners the opportunity to make their space exactly what they want. Wood trim and finishes add an unmatched level of sophistication and classic design that can take even the plainest home and create a comfortable, well-designed space that you’ll want to show off to everyone!

At BP Builders and Associates, our professional carpenters are skilled in a variety of woodworking platforms, from building framing to detailed fireplace mantles. Our team can build any project that you can dream.

Custom Carpentry Projects

Some custom carpentry and woodworking projects to inspire you include custom interior trim including crown molding, baseboards, window and door casing, faux beams, stair handrails and balusters, and accent walls.

Custom Shelving and Cabinetry

There is nothing that makes a custom space quite like custom shelving and cabinetry. Give everything in your room a space of its own and make the room look planned down to the smallest detail. Whether you want wall-to-wall cabinets of various sizes, built-in library-style shelves, or the perfect storage in your closet or pantry, custom cabinetry and shelving is the perfect option.

Furniture and Outdoor Designs

Custom built wood furniture is something that will be treasured by your family for generations. Whether it is a kitchen table that seats your entire family, a wood-post bed frame, or an outdoor pergola for gathering with your friends. Custom carpentry adds a touch of fine detail as nothing else can. Choose from a variety of wood and finishes to create your custom look.

The master carpenters at BP Builders and Associates are excited to offer you custom carpentry and woodworking services to build your dreams! Contact us for your free estimate and get your project started today!