Out with the old, in with the new.

At BP Builders and Associates, we pride ourselves on the quality of our general contracting services and the ability to make something out of nothing or to repair or remodel what exists. However, sometimes you’ve got to clear out what exists to make room for something new. For this reason, we also offer demolition services. Whether you want to tear down your home or building to re-purpose the land or you need to demolish what exists to build something new, or demolition crew can get the job done safely, efficiently, and quickly.

Unfortunately, demolition isn’t as simple as breaking down walls and tearing down structures. Demolition requires a great deal of understanding of how structures work to ensure that demolition is completed safely. Our demolition crew is skilled and experienced at safely demolishing buildings and can even preserve materials for reuse as possible. When you use the demolition services at BP Builders and Associates, you can rest assured that your structure will come down without a hitch.

Once your structure has been demolished, our building crew can erect the home or building of your dream. Our general contractors provide a wide range of property services from demolition to building and everything in between. What’s better is our contractors don’t simply perform the work, but we are with you every step of the way, from project inception to final walk through, you’ll only have one person to consult with.

For all of your commercial and residential demolition and construction needs, contact the general contractors at BP Builders and Associates for your price quote today.