Fireplace Installation in Columbus, NJ

While many homeowners elect to become do-it-yourselfers and take on projects that will personalize or upgrade their homes, fireplaces are one area that is not a good idea to attempt to take on yourself. From proper zoning and planning to ensuring proper exhaust and ventilation, and everything in between, there is a lot that goes into installing a properly functioning gas, electric, or wood-burning fireplace that is safe.

At BP Builders and Associates, not only are we expert masons and construction contractors, we know the ins and outs of fireplace safety and proper installation. When you have your residential or commercial fireplace installed or repaired by our team, you can rest assured you have a safe and functional fireplace that will burn for years to come. Whether you want to add a fireplace to your home, lawn, or business; you want to make an existing fireplace double sided, or you need a repair to an outdated fireplace, the general contractors at BP Builders and Associates is the team for the job. We can help with the design and planning phase, conduct the work, and leave you with a finished product you are sure to love.

Wood Burning Fireplace

Wood burning fireplaces are the traditional fireplace option that allows you to experience the crackle and smell of fresh burning wood. Installing a wood-burning fireplace requires a chimney to ventilate the fire as well as a stone, metal, or brick fireplace to prevent spreading of the flames to the inside of your home or business. If you already have a wood burning fireplace or you want a new one installed, the fireplace experts at BP Builders and Associates can complete your project while exceeding standards.

Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are convenient because they light and turn off instantly and don’t emit the smell that wood burning fireplaces do. However, it is critically important that gas fireplaces are installed and maintained correctly to prevent any damage to your home or business. The fireplace experts at BP Builders and Associates can install gas lines and a new fireplace or repair or replace an old gas fireplace. If you have been debating installing a gas fireplace, but were hesitant to, we can help you design, plan, and install your fireplace to get the look you’ve been dreaming of.

Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular in homes and businesses who want to enjoy the look and crackle of a cozy fireplace but don’t want the maintenance a traditional fireplace requires or is in a space that cannot handle a different type of fireplace. If you are interested in an electric fireplace, the team at BP Builders and Associates can install it for you and build a mantle and hearth to make it feel more like the real deal!

For all of your residential and commercial wood burning, gas, or electric fireplace installation and repair needs, contact your local general contractors in Columbus. At BP Builders and Associates, we are committed to restoring the past and building the future. From planning to execution, you’ll get a finished product with one call! Contact us to get your project started today!