Flooring Services

If windows are the eyes to your home because they allow you to see, flooring is your home’s face. Flooring is the first thing anyone notices when they come into your house, and the look of your flooring creates the space! If you currently have old flooring that needs an upgrade or you have great currently flooring that needs repaired, the flooring experts at BP Builders and Associates can help you! We are able to repair or install all varieties of flooring options to create the perfect look you’ve been dreaming of!

Wood Floor Installation or Repair

Wood flooring is a beautiful flooring option that has a variety of styles and materials. Whether you choose all natural wood planks, wooden interlocking floor panels, or faux wood options, the look of wooden floors is timeless. Wood flooring is relatively easy to self-install but can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Additionally, if it isn’t installed correctly, it could splinter or leave gaps that could cause major problems later.

Carpet Installation or Repair

Carpet installation is something that is never an easy task. Unless you are having carpet installed into a brand new home, there are a lot of steps that have to take place prior to laying new carpet. Whether you need a patch of carpet repaired or you need a complete house replaced, the flooring experts at BP Builders Associates can complete your project from start to finish. From helping you plan what carpet and padding will look the best, function well, and fit your budget, to moving furniture out of the way, pulling up the current flooring, and then expertly installing the new carpet, we’ll do it all for you.

Tile Floor Installation or Repair

Tile floor is one of the easiest floor options to care for as a homeowner, requiring very little maintenance or repair. Tile flooring tends to last for a very long time and is available in a variety of materials including ceramic, stone, clay, or glass. While tile is a beautiful option that lasts for years, if it is not properly installed, it can cause unsightly misalignment or leaks if used in the bathroom. At BP Builders and Associates, our tile experts can remove old flooring and precisely lay your new tile for a beautiful, finished look.

Vinyl or Laminate Flooring

Vinyl or laminate flooring is a great, cheap option for home floors. It is easy to clean, durable, and easier to maintain than other flooring options. Vinyl or laminate flooring is particularly popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and rental homes or apartments because, while it doesn’t last as long as other flooring options, it is simple to use and inexpensive. Removing vinyl or laminate flooring can be difficult because of the adhesive used, and is better left to the experts to avoid ruining the underfloor. At BP Builders and Associates, we can remove, repair, replace, or install vinyl or laminate flooring in any room of your home.

Cement or Sealants

Another flooring option that is often overlooked is simply honoring your cement floor and instead of covering it with carpet, tile, or wood, you could finish the cement. Whether you use a cement glaze, sealant, or protective coating, finished cement floors can look just as great in the interior of your home as other flooring options. Additionally, finishing the cement floor in your basement, garage, or decking can give you additional comfortable living space.

BP Builders and Associates can help you with your entire flooring project. Whether you have a new build and need your first floor installed or you are remodeling a room or your entire house, our flooring team can help you from beginning to end. Our professional floor team can help you design your flooring project and recommend the right flooring option for your budget and desired look. Next, our team can remove your existing flooring to make way for your new flooring, without damaging floorboards or the sub-floor. We can then make any necessary repairs before laying your new floor, or replace your old flooring. Once your new floor is precisely installed, we will clean up our construction mess and leave you with a polished end product that you’ll be in love with.

To get your flooring project started, contact us for your free estimate today!