Windows are guilty of contributing to a significant amount of heat gain in your home in the summer and heat loss in the winter. In the summer, or sunny months, windows contribute to warming your home by allowing UV rays to penetrate your home, essentially warming the air with a greenhouse effect. This can raise your energy bills by more than 15 percent if you counterbalance the effects by raising your thermostat to cool your home. Additionally, in the winter months, your windows can contribute to 30 to 40 percent of heat loss through improper seals that allow cold air to enter your home from the outside and warmed air to escape. This requires you to run your heater more than you usually would.

Window insulation can help reduce the heat gain and loss and help make your home more energy efficient, thereby reducing your energy bills. There are a few ways to have your windows professionally insulated.

Window film application

Window film is exactly what it sounds like — a clear plastic film that is applied over the window. This helps to seal the window sill, effectively keeping air from leaking in or out around the window seals or throughout the single-pane on thinner windows. Do-it-yourself window film sealing kits are available at most home improvement stores, but can be a pain to install. Professional window experts can make the process simple and painless and will use quality film that you can still see through so you can enjoy the sunshine and the views. Leave the film up year-round to experience the benefits of better internal temperature control.

Window glaze or second glass panel.

Window glaze can be applied directly to the glass of windows to help control the number of UV rays that are absorbed into your home, reducing glare, and preventing warm air from escaping out of your home. If you have single pane windows, sometimes a second panel can be installed to help reduce airflow and keep internal in and external air out. Either of these options is great for homes that have newer single-pain windows with functioning seals. These options help increase energy efficiency without replacing windows.

Window seal

Improper seals can allow heat transfer to reduce the efficiency of your windows by 30 to 40 percent! Not only does the seal around the window make a difference, but so does the seal where the top and bottom panels meet and slide past each other when they open. Although the amount of air escaping or entering your home may seem insignificant most of the time, when there is a 40-plus temperature difference between inside and outside, it makes a huge difference!

Window repair or replacement

If all else fails or your windows are old or damaged, the best option may be to just repair existing windows or replace them. It is not recommended for homeowners to replace their own windows as this could lead to air and water leaks if they are not properly installed. New windows can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your house, keep it more comfortable, and raise the value of your home.

At BP Builders and Associates, we can help with any and all of the above window insulation options in Columbus and the surrounding areas. If you are experiencing issues with your windows or maintaining temperatures in your home, contact us for your free design plan and estimate. We can work within your budget and offer solutions that work best for your situation. Better yet, we can handle the project from design, execution, and leave you with a complete project you love. To get your window insulation project started, contact us today!